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Did you know you are an omnivore.

It comes from the time when we were hunter-gatherers, a time when our instinct for survival dictated our diet. Life was simple then – when we could catch an animal we ate it and when we couldn’t we survived on what was around us – the vegetation.


Fast forward a few million years, life is more complicated and our hunting and gathering grounds have become supermarkets. Sustainability is now high on everyone’s agenda and alternative resources are at the top of the list. One of those essential resources is food, more specifically protein. Soya has been found to deliver everything we need on the protein front and it may have some significant health benefits too. And most important of all it helps to make that big round thing we all live on a better place.

So, why aren’t meat-free products the norm, one word – taste!

Getting that perfect balance of texture and taste is the ultimate challenge for any meet-free brand. Well, our chefs and home economists have risen to it, delivering a range of great tasting meat-free recipes second to none. All that remains now is to see if our Meet The Alternative range tickles your taste buds and passes that meat taste test. If it doesn’t we’ll eat our alternative hats!

Love the Alternative

Meet the Alternative loves well being and good health. It has been created for people who
want to reduce their meat intake and gives you the chance to be creative and turn your
hand to a simple form of scratch cooking to satisfy your’s (and your friends and family’s)
cravings for quality, tasty food without compromise. The range will be continually
developed with exciting new products to give even more choice.

It's the food your body WILL choose!